A Brothel in Every City?


Performing sexual acts for money: is this legal? Well, if you happen to be in the porn industry, yes it is legal. Yet, prostitution remains illegal in most parts of the county. Are these two things really that different? What makes one acceptable, but not the other?

Porn is such a common aspect in mainstream society. According to a poll in the October 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, over 99% of the men surveyed admitted to watching porn. Porn stars are paid to perform sexual acts. Prostitutes are paid to perform sexual acts. Not only is prostitution illegal in most parts of the country, but it also carries a stigma. We look down upon women who work the streets for money while glorifying porn stars: aspiring to look more like them or learn tricks from watching them. They are almost the same thing, the biggest differences being the audience as well as who is paying. In the porn industry, men and women are both paid so that some stranger can watch their sexual acts. In prostitution, one person pays another to perform a sexual favor for them. This seems pretty backwards to me. It makes more sense for one person to pay another to directly provide a service than for people to pay complete strangers so that they can watch those people have sex with each other.


I, personally, would have no interest in working in a brothel. I also would not approve of the idea of my significant other being a customer to such an establishment. I do, however, support the idea of legalizing prostitution throughout the country. A woman can make many decisions about her body that are arguably more immoral than prostitution. So a woman should also have the right to make money by servicing men with her body, and men should have the right to pay for such services. Grown adults can make several choices that are harmful to their body, such as smoking cigarettes or drinking liquor.

Because these other things (alcohol, tobacco, porn) are legal, the government is able to put regulations on them to protect the consumers as well as the people who work in these industries. If prostitution were to be legalized nationwide then these women would no longer have to deal with being abused by their pimps. Prostitutes would not have to worry about contracting STDs from their clients and vice versa. There would be rules that could be enforced to provide safety for everyone who participates in this business.

Prostitution has been in recorded history since as early as 2400 BC in the time of the Sumerians. This industry still thrives. It has been present in many societies, and over time, it has come to be criminalized in many parts of the world. In the 1970s, Prostitute Rights groups began to emerge in the United States. It seems as if prostitution is going to stick around for quite some time.

Just as Prohibition did not end the consumption of alcohol, prostitution being illegal will not keep it from being a profession.


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