The Media Against Violence

Violence can be found everywhere in American culture. We see it on the news, watch it in our movies, and relish the juicy tales of violence we hear in the tabloids. It’s also in video games, sports, music and even some styles of dance. America is definitely a culture that finds great entertainment value in violence, but do we promote violence against women?

In general, I do not feel that modern American culture promotes violence against women. Yes, it does exist in some places such as some types of video games or some genres of music, but there are so many facets of entertainment where violence against women is not only avoided, it is also stigmatized. Country music is a genre that does not generally promote violence against women. In fact, most country songs are incredibly sweet and romantic, giving women high expectations of how they should be treated. There are also country songs that bring up awareness of domestic violence such as Martina McBride’s songs “Independence Day” and “Broken Wing” that encourage women to feel empowered to get out of relationships that have violence. Music is not the only part of the entertainment industry that tries to make women feel empowered to stand up for themselves.

Movies probably did have more violence against women early on, but in recent years it is really hard to think of any movies that promote violence against women. When I think of violence against women in movies, I think of movies like Enough where a woman in an abusive relationship is able to get out and strengthen herself and protect herself against the man that is trying to hurt her. Even in the news, I feel I hear and read more stories about violence against men, children, or just large groups where no specific type of person is targeted. I don’t feel that violence against women is as prevalent as it used to be and I feel like it is because women are becoming more and more empowered and more people and companies are taking a stand against domestic violence.


This is a very fantastic direction for American culture. The media should continue to be used in a positive manner. Women should know that they don’t have to stay in bad situations. Media also has a huge effect on Americans when it comes to defining what is normal and acceptable, so putting a stigma on abuse and violence is a positive way to use the power of the media.


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