The Media Against Violence

Violence can be found everywhere in American culture. We see it on the news, watch it in our movies, and relish the juicy tales of violence we hear in the tabloids. It’s also in video games, sports, music and even some styles of dance. America is definitely a culture that finds great entertainment value in […]

Investing in Pregnant Women

  As women joined the American work force, they fit into certain occupations, which are referred to as “pink collar” jobs. As time progressed, women began to branch out and be accepted into other occupational fields. The work that has been available for women has expanded in variety over the years. While the work opportunities […]

A person should be able to make any decision they want concerning their own body. This idea seems rational and seems to make sense in the context of modern American culture. Many people make decisions every day regarding their own bodies, even permanent decisions such as the decision to get a tattoo or piercings. Individuals […]

My Pride and Joy

My name is Danielle and I have a daughter named Lily. She is my pride and joy who makes me smile every day. Recently, we had professional photographs taken and she got to dress up as Elsa from Frozen. These are some of her pictures from that photo shoot.

Free Trade with Almost Free Labor

Globalization, in economic terms, is basically the interconnection among world economies. Countries have traded among each other for centuries, so there has been some amount of globalization going on for quite some time. With advancements in technology and communication methods, globalization has been able to occur at a more rapid rate. This sounds like a great […]